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Air Transport

Air transport is the conveyance of more recent development, and therefore the most modern. This affects a single contract, with great presence of new technologies and computerized and standardized procedures worldwide. Fares, destinations and flights you can consult immediately with a simple call to our offices.

Marine Transport


Globally, it is the method most widely used for international trade. It is the largest movement of goods supports both container and dry bulk or liquid. Given that the planet is covered mostly by water, man has chosen to utizar this resource. So the water has joined various parts of the globe because the boats sail by them.

Export Cargo


An export is any good or service sent out of the country. Export requires a low investment and allows more efficient operational control. As a company grows, the opportunity to export is growing

Import cargo 


Imports allow operators to purchase products that are not produced within the country, or cheaper or higher quality, benefiting as consumers in many ways. This leads to increased competition on the local industry.

Cold Rooms


Such perishable products shorten your life at an exponential rate, as it approaches maturity, destroying tissue. Checking if the product is kept at a lower temperature than the environment, it is able to extend the time maturation period ranging from 3-4 days to 6-8 months, according to the variety of the stored product.

Dry Cargo


Is that which does not require special equipment or special conditions of carriage. Example of this are grains, minerals or other sundries.


Local transport


The modern commercial transport serves the public interest and includes all means and infrastructure involved in the movement of goods or raw materials, and services receipt, delivery and handling of such goods. As elsewhere in the world, transportation is in Latin America and has been central to the progress delas different branches within the commercial market.

Cargo storage


We have warehouses intended to deposit the cargo loaded or unloaded, is transported by air, sea or land. Giving you the opportunity to take responsibility for your cargo according to your storage needs or space.

Vacuum Services & Precooling

The pre vacuum cooling is based on applying a vacuum to the product to cool; this causes water evaporation of the product, to move from another state uses heat to cool the product itself, making the descent sought temperature. In operating cycles 25 minutes 2 ° C to 3 ° C are reached desired end.

Customs brokerage

We provide services for customs brokerage and consultancy in all matters related to the international trade market, whether for imports and/or exports. Committing ourselves to the accuracy and truthfulness of the information documents subscribing accredited to the direction of national customs representatives,as well as the declaration of preferential treatment, exceptions or exemptions and the correct tariff classification of goods.